September 25, 2009

What’s next for Goozex?

Erik Kubik Says Recently, Goozex added DVD trading, including DVDs, UMDs, Blu-rays, and HD-DVDs. What can Goozers expect next? Some members of Goozex have suggested console or CD trading, or expand their game trading to include older systems.

One of the most popular ideas that comes up again and again is adding older video games to the trading system. Goozex already trades PSX and Dreamcast games! Why not roll the clock back a few more years? Goozex could add games from such systems as Sega Saturn, Sega Genesis, N64, Sega-CD, Nintendo, and Super Nintendo. Obscure consoles such as Panasonic 3-DO, Atari Jagaur,, and the Wonderswan would be left out due to the apparent lack of interest by today’s mainstream gamers.

The biggest problem I see with trading older games from older consoles is there are quite a few of us nostalgic gamers who no longer have our SNES and Sega Genesis to test the games. Most of us sold them to pay for other gaming systems or school.

What about the point value of these older games? Unless the games offered were rare RPGs or limited print titles, I am certain the point value would be no more than 100 points.

Two other issues to consider are the cartridge save system batteries dying and/or game cartridges wearing out with age.

And then there is console trading, is it a good idea or blight on the system? This is similar to the argument for 8 and 16 bit game trading. What systems would Goozex allow? What about warranties? Would Goozex cover a RROD 360?

My biggest worry is the cost, how much would Goozex charge for a Xbox 360 Core system vs. a Playstation 2? What would shipping and handling cost? What would the cost of consoles be: 1500, 2000, or maybe even 3000 points? Who has that many points from just trading games and DVDs? Would the market become flooded with systems nobody wants? There are too many questions here and not enough answers to warrant this step yet.

Of all the ideas suggested by Goozex members, CD trading is the most logical. Many of us, including myself, still buy CDs. It would be nice to have a place where I could get CD’s for cheap besides The Goozex guarantee could easily cover damaged CDs, as they would cost very little to replace. Goozex would benefit by making most CDs valued at 100-200 points, with more for the deluxe editions. Looking for a rare, out-of- print CD by your favorite artist? I am sure there is someone on Goozex who has the CD.

So Goozex, where do you go from here?