September 22, 2009

Most Offered on the 360

Jimmy James 70 Says Once a week, the list of the Most Offered Games on Goozex is updated. This list of games are generally quick and easy to obtain, and most likely, are offered at a cheaper price.

You might wonder how a game makes the Most Offered list. There are several good reasons how it can happen: It might be a really bad game a lot of people got stuck with and now they want to get rid of it; it could be a really good game and the next installment in the franchise is about to be released; it could be a brand new game that offers limited replay value, little to no online play, and gamers are looking to get a full 1000 points for a game they paid $60 for.

How's a Goozer to know if a Most Offered game is worthy of requesting, or is it something that should be passed, like so much gas after eating too many beans.

Hopefully, this handy-dandy chart will help you make some important trading decisions.

Looking at this list, you will notice there are a lot of great, solid, big-time titles. Most of which you can get at a great price point. Now is a good time to be a Goozer.

This information is accurate as of September 22, 2009 and is for the Xbox 360.

You can click the table to make it bigger.