September 17, 2009

WET | First Impressions

Shawn Lebert says … Fasten your seatbelts, or perhaps unfasten them, you daredevil you, as you partake on an over-the-top, no holds barred, thrill ride with Rubi Malone, who loves bullets and a body count. With its pure grindhouse-ish façade, Ms. Malone’s best friends are an arsenal of whatever kills you, plus a katana. The exaggeration of blood and death is mighty vibrant as you play through the game, and there’s a strong faded film appearance overtop the game play – which points to nothing less than the exploitive media from decades ago.

WET is a stylish, acrobatic shooter that puts you in control of Rubi, who also happens to be the master of acrobatics: jumping through the air, running across walls and sliding against any flooring with guns a-blazing. If anything, it’ll quickly remind of you past, inspired “gunfu” games, like Stranglehold from this game generation. Although without a plethora of gunning options like Stranglehold, there seems to be only a limited number of possible stylish movements in WET, which might sound as a disappointment; however, there might be more fleshed-out acrobatic movements as you progress further into the game.
The game provides some eye-catching voice talent, from actors like Eliza Dushku and Alan Cumming, which has been solid so far and may bring in more of an audience due to some familiar faces on the big screen.

Rubi can be controlled in various ways, in third person, when assaulting the ones who get in her way. The game stresses to use more acrobatics than just a standard of running and gunning. Mostly prominent is the combo meter, which is chaining kill attacks through snazzy, seamless ways without looking boring. And in doing so, gives you the forever slick slow-mo gun down in all moments of the game to escape dangerous gunfire or events. For button mashing enthusiasts, WET shows off some button prompts here and there in events that need much more detail in cut-scenes than actual game play. An event on a freeway is reminiscent of big epic battle scenes like Matrix Reloaded, as Rubi stands atop vehicles, firing at her foes at 70MPH, but also hopping and diving on to the hoods of other vehicles.

A different feature, is the Rage mode. When Rubi is pissed off, the areas are colored in red, white, and black, which gives off a cool appearance in a three-dimensional environment. You don’t want to get her panties in a bunch, or she’ll go Rage on you and leave you in the dust. This mode is heavy on chain-kills; it seems like a means to see just how far you can build up the chain kill effect for your own personal gain to brag about it. Hopefully, there is much more involvement with the Rage effect and that it’s not just a tacked-on feature.

The graphics are a bit mediocre for this third-person shooter. In fact, they might have taken a step back into the past, as it doesn’t seem to impress and is perhaps the game’s weakest point. It might remind you of a Western called GUN from a few years back, and the fact that it compares to a game that far back, makes it disappointing.

A few hours into the game and WET seems like a game guilty of endless violence for the sweet tooth and obliterating the opponents in numerous ways makes it amusing.
Stay tuned for the full review to see just how entertaining this game is.

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