September 3, 2009

First Beat the Blogger Occurred Today

The first Beat the Blogger took place this afternoon and jimmy james 70 basically got served by Goozer solidsnake222, who is a huge Metal Gear Solid fan. He almost had me talked into buying a PS3 just to play Metal Gear Solid and Drakes Fortune. We shall see if I fork out $300 for a new console. In the meantime, I'm waiting for Sony to send me a complimentary console...

solidsnake222 won 5 tokens by beating me at CoD4, while he's more than welcome to keep competing in BtB, he is disqualified from winning any more tokens for one year. That should give you other Goozers an opportunity to win.

The next BtB is on Saturday, see this post for details.

For you PS3 fans, there is a plan in the works to have a BtB tourney on the PS3, which might be Sept 12. Stay tuned for more information.