September 12, 2009

Updates to Beat the Blogger

Jimmy James 70 Says For this week's Beat the Blogger, we are going to take a slightly different approach. To win 5 tokens, this is what you have to do: at the end of one of the posts this week, I will make a special Editors' Note stating to write a comment, answer a quick and easy question about that particular post, and to leave your Goozex user name. The post you have to comment on could appear at anytime during the week. So, yep, you'll have to read each and every post all week long to see when the special Editors' note appears.

Next Week
For next week, Jimmy James 70 (yours truly) will host another CoD4 Tournament on the Xbox 360 on September 19 at 8:30pm pst. The same rules from before will apply: we will play Free for All for one hour, whoever tops the leaderboards the most during that one hour will win 5 tokens. To sign up, either leave a comment here, or send me a friend request on the 360 or through Goozex.

PS3 CoD: WaW Tournament
Kube00 has agreed to host a game tournament on the PS3. His game of choice is CoD: WaW. Details will be posted in the coming weeks.