September 29, 2009

ODST Tops Most Offered List

Jimmy James 70 Says The Most Offered list was updated a couple days ago and I was surprised to see Halo 3: ODST topping the list. This turn of events made my predictions from last week appear foolish in that ODST would not be available to trade for a long, long, time.

However, if you take a closer look at the numbers, I'm holding true to the idea that the majority of Goozers do have a Long Wait ahead of them for ODST. Check out this screenshot:

Even though ODST tops the Most Offered list, the Trading Info shows there are no copies currently Actively available. There are, however, 111 copies On Hold. That's a lot of teasing going on... Meanwhile, 244 Goozers are Actively requesting the game while another 206 have it On Hold, and then there's 114 Goozers who want it but have restrictions against them (either lack of points or trade credits).

Since the game released, ODST has traded eight times. So, there are eight lucky Goozers out there who scored a copy. It does appear that copies are leaking through the system, but it's a trickle, and I still don't expect the floodgates to open for a long time.

Is there a lesson to learn with this list? What I'm asking is, should the list be updated so that only the Most Active and Offered games make the list, and the Most Offered but On Hold are excluded? That way, Goozers can see a list of games that they can readily trade for. With the list as it is, certain games are dangled in front of you, without a whole lot of hope of you playing it.

Maybe we can go ahead and make that a Goozex Feature Request: to configure the Most Offered list to exclude games that are On Hold.

With that said, I did find on a Most Available list, which excludes ODST. The problem is, I can't find the javascript to place this list here on the blog. Maybe that's the real Feature Request?