September 4, 2009

PAX Day 1 Impressions

Dale Culp says As I entered the main expo hall, I was not prepared for what I was about to see. In years past, the hall occupied a large room (the entire convention is over 300,000 square feet) that didn't feel like it could possibly be bigger. Well, this year, it's nearly three times that size. Several areas that used to house the PC LAN gaming area and even the entire skybridge section are now devoted to showing off new games, toys and other exciting products that you'll want to get your hands on. No amount of exaggeration could really do justice to the feeling I had walking in. Pure bliss. Obviously, the 90 minutes the media have to see the show before anyone else were not enough. The floodgates open and the show floor was filled.

Despite the crowd, lines to try out games are relatively fast. I've gone hands-on with FORZA Motorsports 3, Left 4 Dead 2, Darwinia+, Serious Sam HD, The Saboteur and much more! Look for upcoming previews of Divinity II: Ego Draconis, Serious Sam HD and The Saboteur. The panels, also, have been very interesting. I recorded a brief interview with Chris Kohler following the video games journalism panel where we talked about aging in the industry, the importance of holding on to your passion and why it's sad that someone who's been covering the industry for merely 6 years is considered a “veteran.”

There's still so much more to come, though. More panels, concerts and interviews to be done. Also, be on the lookout for some cool prizes and giveaways. I've been gathering a bag of swag to give away to a lucky TGR reader/Goozex member. As day 1 slowly winds down, we're excited because the best is yet to come!