September 5, 2009

CoD4 Tournament Winner | Beat the Blogger

The first CoD4 Tournament was held today and the winner is Goozex member Duddy07. Even though Duddy07 has mad CoD4 skills, he won by default, cause the other Goozers didn't show up to play. Oh well, all the better for Duddy07. Enjoy those tokens!

Looking at the poll, it looks like CoD4 is the overwhelming favorite game of choice. So, for next week, we'll play CoD4 again.

In your comments, leave your preferences for a date and time. I can play either between 1 and 3pm PST or after 8pm PST. And that goes for pretty much any day of the week.

If you haven't already, send a friend request to jimmyjames70 on the Xbox 360 and let me know what your Goozex user name is.

In other news, I am still trying to organize a PS3 version of Beat the Blogger, but it's not as easy cause I don't own a PS3. If all of you want to pitch in and buy me one that would be great, or we can petition Sony to comp me one. Let me know if you want to band together on this.

Happy gaming!