September 21, 2009

Beat the Blogger Goes Gladiator Style

Jimmy James 70 Says Beat the Blogger is going Gladiator-style. No longer are tokens up for grabs, but now if you show your worthiness and defeat your challengers in 10 different matches, you'll win a game of your choice.* Also, the current Gladiator will be showcased in the right-column of this blog; along with details of their conquests.

Here are the details:
  • We will try and schedule a new tournement once each week

  • The current Gladiator, challenger & I choose game, date & time

  • Gladiator must face off against a new challenger each week

  • If the Challenger loses, they can play again when a new Gladiator is named

  • If a Gladiator is beat, that person is eligible to challenge the new Gladiator

  • Challengers are determined by whoever leaves a comment on the appropriate post

  • If the Gladiator wins 10 matches in a row (10 different tournaments), they win a game. *You can request any game you want, but the disclaimer is that I'm going to request it through Goozex using my own points and tokens.*

  • Matches will be a combination of Free for All & Team Deathmatch

  • We will play for 30 minutes

  • Whoever has the most points (tops the leaderboards the most) at the end wins

  • I will be the judge and I will play. Think of me as the lion that gets between the Gladiator and the Challenger

To get started, we need to determine a Gladiator!

To enter the contest:

  • Simply leave a comment stating that you want to participate

  • Tell me your Goozex User Name

  • Send a friend request to Jimmy James 70 on the Xbox 360

You must be a member of Goozex in good standing to play. If you are not a member of Goozex, and you want to participate, signing up is free and you get a token when you register.

Keep in mind, I am available to host the tournaments between 1:30 and 3pm PST and anytime after 8pm PST. For those of you on the East coast, that's 4:30pm to 6pm and after 11pm.