September 10, 2009

What To Do With Your Aging Playstation 2

Erik Kubik Says So, you still have a Playstation 2 and are reluctant to acknowledge the next generation of consoles? Contrary to popular belief, there is nothing wrong with that! Although new releases for the PS2 have slowed down, Sony still makes sure publishers provide the PS2’s dedicated followers with games like Guitar Hero and a few RPGs throughout the year. And there are several older titles that boost a fair amount of playing time.

God of War
Two games come to mind when I think about lengthy gameplay, God of War and God of War II. The one-part action and one-part adventure features Kratos, who uses a variety of decapitating weapons to seek his revenge against the gods. Both God of War and II have some of the best action-based gameplay and graphics for the PS2, especially considering both games came out so late in the life of the PS2. Game play averages around 30 hours for both games. Together, the games have made Sony’s greatest hits list and are available on Goozex for 100 points (the first one) and 250 points (the sequel).

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
Another game that is a favorite of mine, and has seen several releases on other consoles, is Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. Although it is five-years old and the graphics are showing their age, this action adventure game is lengthy coming in with at least 40 hours of fun. Welcome to taking control of the streets of southern California in the 1990s! Great music, a fairly interesting storyline and characters, tons of stuff to do on the side (racing, robberies, side missions, flying, etc); all of these elements create a must own game, whether you are a fan of the series or not. At 100 points on Goozex, this gamer does not have to tell you it is a steal.

Resident Evil 4
The fourth game—and what has to be my favorite game series of all time—is Resident Evil 4. For all of you who have never touched this game, this is the game that changed the Resident Evil series for the better. Moving away from the puzzles and slow movement, Resident Evil 4 stepped the franchise up to something a little more mainstream. This is “survival horror” at its finest, a compelling story with non-stop action, great characters, and an armory to make most armies jealous. The game does not end when you finish the game, a multitude of unlock able items and bonus features await players. The game has at least 30 hours of game play. What else can I say? Over 2 million copies sold worldwide for just this version of the game. At 100 points on Goozex you cannot go wrong.

If the Playstation 2 is still hanging around your house, show it some love and pick up some great games.