July 30, 2009

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

I have to admit I have a sweet tooth for the hack n slash genre. One of my favorites for this generation on the 360 is Viking: Battle for Asgard; Star Wars the Force Unleashed trails a distant second. However, after playing the first two levels of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, the standings just might shift.

My first impression of Wolverine left me impressed with the stylish graphics, the brutal violence, and how well it's all executed. While 80% of the game is button mashing, the timing of the lunges, the variations of attack, and the results of a well-executed combo can leave behind a freh pile of corpses in an bloody blink of an eye. Yeah, with that said, this game is gonna be fun.

At the end of the first level I had myself ready to settle into a basic hack n slash for the duration of the game. But I was in for a few surprises. The game does basically follow the plot of the movie, there are some well-timed cut scenes, and the action has enough diversity to keep you entertained; really, you don't fall into a button-mashing trance while playing the game half asleep. Once again, l'll say it, the game is fun.

I have defeated two boss battles so far. While graphically the bosses appear different they both fight--and die--in the same manner. After I realized that half-way through the second boss, I did start to yawn a little. But the battle was short-lived and I easily moved forward.

I'm looking forward to completing this game. The icing on the cake will be tearing down three-mile island. Let's hope that scene made into the game.