October 4, 2008

Three Great (and Cheap) Finds for the PSP

The PSP has 63 games available on Goozex for 100 points. You might have noticed you earn 100 free points plus a trade credit when you sign up for Goozex. Mmmm, can someone smell a free game? Of course, the freebies are not the newest of the new games, but there are some gems to be found.

TGR found three games with good Metacritic scores that can be had on Goozex for 100 points. Check 'em out!

Football Manager -- 79
Review from Thunderbolt
Review from PALGN

NBA Live 06 -- 80
Review from GamePro
Review from IGN

Virtua Tennis World Tour -- 84
Review from Modojo
Review from GamePro