October 17, 2008

The Best Place to Buy Used Games

Do you buy used video games but you're never sure if you're getting the best deal? The Goozex Report cross checked five top rated Xbox 360 games that are a couple years old to find out who consistently offers the best deal. Find out if Amazon, eBay, GameStop, Goozex, or Overstock offer the best deals (no, it wasn't Goozex). Also discussed is a tip on how to make money selling used games.

eBay was the overall winner. Of the five games checked, they offered three games at the lowest price. Amazon came in second by offering two games at the lowest price.

The worst place to buy used games is GameStop and Overstock.

While Goozex operates on a point system and not cash, TGR calculated the approximate dollar value each game is currently worth.

If you're smart and thought this through, theoretically, you could buy Gears of War on eBay for $18 and then sell it on Goozex for $25. Of course, you'd get that $25 in points, but then you can use those points to trade for other games.