October 6, 2008

TGR Knows What Xbox 360 Owners Are Buying in November

The poll results are in and it looks like Cliff Bleszinski and the hype-machine have Horde-stomped the competition. Gears of War 2 took in 77% of the vote, with Call of Duty: World at War finishing a distant second place with 26% of the vote.

James Bond came in a respectable third place with 15% of the vote.

EndWar barely registered with only 5% of the vote. Out of 53 voters, EndWar got three lousy, stinking votes. Tom Clancy is probably happy he's sold the publishing rights to his name. It might not be a happy Holidays for the Ubisoft crew. Oh well. Maybe this will give them time to finish up the next chapter in the Sam Fisher saga. TGR would like that.