October 22, 2008

IGN Crushes GameSpot in Game Review Poll

GameSpot is not receiving a lot of love around here lately. Our most recent poll has them in dead last for game reviews behind IGN, Metacritic, and Yahtzee.

Looks like IGN is now The Goozex Report's official game reviewer. Congratulations, IGN, would you like to advertise with us now? HA! Just kidding. But seriously, call us, OK?

In addition to game reviews, IGN is known for walk-throughs of games. If you ever find yourself stuck in a game and you have no idea how to continue or solve a puzzle, or whatever, chances are IGN has the answer. This site comes highly recommended and here at TGR we're happy it did so well in the poll.

Metacritic came in a close second place, so if for whatever reason IGN does not have a review of a game, then TGR will post links to Metacritic.

There were a few write in votes for 1UP, Gamestats (which appears to be associated with IGN), PS3 Life, and something called The Lens of Truth, which doesn't appear to be online yet.

Last but not least, gamers rely on themselves, demos, and friends for the best reviews, which we wholeheartedly agree. All games should have available demos, if not, it's kind of like: what do you have to hide?

Speaking of hearing reviews from friends, if you've become a regular reader and would like to contribute, send us your review of a game. We'd love to read it and post it.

Here's a shout to Yahtzee and his review of Silent Hill: Homecoming.