October 21, 2008

Can't Truss It: The State of Video Game Reviews

Who trusts game reviews these days? You've probably read articles that accuse corporate sites of writing favorable reviews for publishers who provide early copies of games. And you probably also read the stories about how a reviewer was fired after writing a negative review of a game, which prompted the publisher to pull their advertising. After hearing stories like this, can you really trust the corporate sites?

The independent sites might be better, but there's a million of them, and they take a few extra weeks to review a game, if they do so at all.

Yahtzee tops the Digg lists every Wednesday, but he admits himself he has to put a negative spin on his reviews to make them funny and to keep his audience coming back. While he's very entertaining, he might not be the best source for a review.

Sites like Metacritic provide one possible solution by aggregating several reviews, assigning a number to each review, and then creating an average. But many, many gamers don't feel that assigning a number to a game is a fair and accurate means to understanding a game.

The reason this topic is brought up, is because The Goozex Report wants to provide reviews for the games mentioned here. In the past, we've always leaned on Metacritic, but not everyone loves Metacritic as much as we do, and we really, truly do want to please all of the people all of the time. That's our burden in life, and we carry it proudly.

Tell us who you read, who you trust, and TGR will link to their reviews when we mention a game.

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