October 28, 2008

Five Reasons Why Fallout 3 Should Be a Summer Release

  1. There’s no way an RPG is going to hold it’s own against Gears of War 2. Even though it was released a good couple weeks before GoW2, those who can only afford one game this Holiday season have their sites set on GoW2.
  2. Get in Line. If you haven’t already placed your request for Fallout 3 on Goozex then you’re going to be well over number 300. Plan on playing this sometime over the summer if you want to trade for it.
  3. A classic doomed for mediocrity. Given the past success of Oblivion, and that Metacritic is already giving this game a 93, this one is a future classic. However, it will still get lost during the Holiday season’s onslaught of games. Fallout 3 really deserved to be released in April after the Holiday games lost some of their shine.
  4. Fallout 3 is a game that deserves your full, undivided attention. You’re going to need to devote countless hours to this one. The Holiday feeding frenzy won’t allow that happen. What you are going to do? Play this game for two weeks, put it down for Gears, only to pick it back up three months later? You’d have to start all over from the beginning. It’s best just to wait and play it over the summer months.
  5. Last summer, the release of good games were far and few between. Fallout 3 would be considered a diamond shining alone if released in April. And it would receive the individual attention that it deserved.