October 3, 2008

Announcing a New Publishing Schedule

The Goozex Report announces a new publishing schedule that features the hottest consoles and hand helds. Each day of the week, TGR will feature gaming information for a different console. The content will include the following:
  • Cheap Game of the Week
  • New Games That Started Dropping in Value (If you're holding on to a game, but thinking of trading it, this feature gives you a heads-up to offer it before it drops too much in value)
  • Hot Games That are Continuing to Drop in Value (If you're thinking of requesting a game, this feature gives you a heads-up to wait on requesting it until it stops dropping in value, so you can request it at it's cheapest value)
  • Game Reviews
This content should prove invaluable to gamers who prefer to trade for games rather than spend cash.

Publishing Schedule:
  • Xbox 360 (Monday)
  • PS3 (Tuesday)
  • Wii (Wednesday)
  • PC (Thursday)
  • Nintendo DS (Friday)
  • PSP (Saturday)