October 2, 2008

TGR Welcomes PS3 Fanboys

(PS3 fans--please read the entire post before replying)
Earlier today, TGR posted an article listing games released on the Xbox 360 consoles and the PS3 that scored a 90 or higher on Metacritic. After the results were compiled, it was clear that the Xbox 360 had a far greater number of titles that have the critic’s attention. TGR decided to write the article, added a controversial headline, and proceeded to post it on N4G.

The post was approved, appeared on N4G’s front page within moments, skyrocketed to 140 degrees in a blink of an eye, and generated over 50 comments quicker than most gamers can type.

The PS3 fanboys were not happy. It was reported 21 times and was eventually removed from the site. What happened to having an open environment where everyone can present research?

In any event, TGR now recognizes the PS3 fanbase, and now PS3 content can be found in the right hand column.

In the future, you can look to TGR for PS3 reviews, game point information, and everything else previously afforded the Xbox 360 and the Nintendo DS.

It is TGR’s intention to report fairly and accurately for all consoles.