August 24, 2009

Tips for Trading on Goozex

Troy Benedict Says Being a fairly active member of the Goozex community for almost a year and a half, I thought I’d share some of my tips on getting the most of out of your experiences with Goozex, being both the buyer and seller. This are my own personal opinions.

Communicate, communicate, communicate!
I can’t stress communication enough! Whether you’re the buyer or seller, you need to communicate with the member on the other end of the trade. It only takes a few extra seconds to send a brief personalized message to another member about the trade. Sometimes a little communication can go a long way.

Be prompt and personal with the shipping confirmation
As a responsible seller, I recommend being prompt with a shipping confirmation. Take a few extra moments, while confirming shipment, to also add a personalized message with the details of the delivery. A brief greeting, with the product name and shipment date, is all you need. A seller has two options with which to send the product upon being matched up with a buyer. They can choose to ship within 1 day or within 3 days. I recommend sellers with busy schedules, or those with multiple packages to ship off to other users, to opt to ship within 3 days, unless you are absolutely sure that you’ll be able to send the package by the next day at the very latest. Give yourself the extra couple of days if there is even the slightest doubt that you won’t be able to ship the package within the next day. If you weren’t able to send a confirmation on the day the package was shipped, take a moment to let the member know the shipment date as soon as possible. If you are late shipping off the package, promptly contact the member and let them know of the delay, and give them an idea of when you expect to ship the package. Most people understand if you’re upfront and honest. Nobody likes to be left wondering when their title will arrive, especially if it’s a new or popular item.

Delivery confirmations or tracking numbers are a must!
Second only to proper communication, in terms of importance during a Goozex trade, is getting a delivery confirmation or a tracking number for your package. As a seller, think of it as insurance for a smooth transaction. It may cost a little extra for this feature, but if there is ever a problem with the buyer claiming they never received the delivery, having this information can be invaluable by helping to prevent unnecessary headaches. Make sure to attach this information to your shipment confirmation, as well. As the buyer, it’s reassuring to be able to get the most recent shipping details from the shipping service’s web site.

Check and double-check when sending multiple packages at once
If you are a fairly active member of the Goozex community, it’s not uncommon to be paired up with multiple buyers within a couple of days. If you are expecting to send out multiple packages to different members, make absolutely sure that you send the correct product to its matching user. I can speak from personal experience, as I mixed up a set of games one time earlier this year. It’s a hassle for both the buyer and the seller, as well as for Goozex, to correct this issue. It was recommended to me, that you physically separate the products and the printed-out member address info as much as possible, so that there is absolutely no way a mix-up would occur. Before sealing the package, double-check that the address on the package matches the address and product on the buyer’s request.

Test the product before submitting feedback
As a buyer, make sure to take a look over the condition of your product and ensure that the content of the package matches what the seller promised. At the same time, if there are a few cosmetic flaws with the case, documentation, or disc, be fair and realistic when considering posting neutral or negative feedback. A dog-eared page in the manual of an otherwise mint-condition package should not receive less than a perfect positive feedback, in my opinion. Please keep in mind that a majority of content traded via Goozex is preowned! Not all products you receive will be brand new, sealed copies. Although there are some people out there that send out brand new packages!

Send prompt feedback, and personalize it
Whether you’re sending positive, neutral, or negative feedback, take the time to send a personalized message to the seller. To me, there is nothing less personal to a seller, especially if the product is in excellent or mint condition, to receive feedback from the buyer with no comments attached. Comments for member feedback show up alongside each person’s transaction history, and are viewable to other members. These comments can be helpful in determining the quality of the person you’ve been matched up. The only time comments are absolutely required is for sending negative feedback. However, I think that all members should provide just a little bit of commentary when posting feedback, even if the trade was quick or uneventful. Even a simple “thank you” would suffice. The comments section is also a good place to add any details about the transaction that you were happy or unhappy with. If you had a practically mint-condition product, but there was a minor cosmetic flaw, instead of giving them an unfairly lower feedback rating, post the details in the comments section.