August 9, 2009 Feature Request: Gifting Points and Tokens

Dale Culp Says Goozex works through a system of buying and selling games. You buy a new game, play it, and sell it back. That way, you keep a good supply of points at your disposal for new games. A problem comes into play when you really like a particular title, and you don’t want to sell it back, and then you don’t get your points back. All of a sudden you find yourself with no points and there are more games that you’d like to play.

Like a lot of people, I can only afford one or two games a month, so I try to pick games I'll really like and stick with them for a while. Occasionally, this methodology steers me wrong and I pick up something I can't wait to get rid of, but more often than not, I find a keeper. Bioshock, for example, is a game I might never play again, but I like having it in my collection. Fallout 3 has a steady stream of fantastic downloadable content and I find myself still playing this game even though I finished it months ago; I'd be kicking myself black and blue if I got rid of it! Meanwhile, there are many other games that I'm requesting while my points drop lower and lower (because I don’t sell back many of my games). What's a Goozer to do?

Currently, there are two ways you can get more points: you can buy them or you can sell games. Some people might even stop in at a retail shop, pick up some bargin-bin titles, and then sell them for a profit on Goozex. However, that’s certainly not a fast and reliable way to gain points…

So that’s me, the guy with no points. On the other hand, I have friends who are constantly trading games and recommending titles all the time. They have thousands of points and are more than willing to send some of them my way, but there’s no way for them to do that; at least, not yet.

Right now, you can’t gift points or tokens on Goozex. You could buy a gift card for someone if you wanted, but that's not exactly going to help you out when you have more points than game requests. Wouldn't it be great then, if there were a way to gift points and tokens to friends in need? Rather than continuing to accumulate points with no use for them in sight, wouldn't it be so much better to send them off to someone who could really use them? Maybe someday, if we asked really nicely, perhaps this could be a future feature on