August 13, 2009

Game Cube Games That Still Hit the Spot

Erik Kubik Says Even as the Wii and the DS have become Nintendo’s focus, there are still plenty of good and cheap GameCube games worth picking up. The focus of this article is on 100-200 point games that are exclusive to the GameCube.

1. Super Smash Bros Melee: The original defined multiplayer on the N64. The same trend continues with the sequel. If the 25 playable characters spanning several decades, coming from all sorts of Nintendo games and the immense amount of items and levels doesn’t make a gamer drool, then the 4 player multiplayer and in-depth story mode should. This game helped me waste many hours of my life in college. The game stands at 200 Goozex points; a cheap GameCube game with several copies available.

2. F-Zero GX: To some gamers the original was nothing more than a generic racing game with hovercrafts. A few years after the release and gamers had yet to see a sequel. Instead, the game skipped a console or two, and a few of its awkward ports/sequels made it to handhelds. As a result, gamers were hungry for something new. We received a buffet know as F-Zero GX. The visuals in the game were enough to satisfy a 10-year olds craving. F-Zero GX features 20 tracks, 29 pilots, Captain Falcon, and speed combined with challenging game modes. Even today I am still wowed by what Nintendo created with this game. At 150 points, this is one cheap GameCube game that is a must have for any racing fan.

3. Donkey Kong Jungle Beat: At 100 points with or without the Bongas. But honestly, what’s the point of getting a game like this without its well known accessories!? Drumming on Bongas is a blast even if it quickly annoys others in the room. Donky Konga Jungle Beat was one of those innovative games that came out later in the GameCube’s life. Gamers used the Bongas, tapping one or the other or both to guide Donkey Kong through the levels jumping, unleashing combos, and collecting bananas. The faster you pound the faster he moves! In retrospect, pounding the bongos is exhausting and should not be done for more than an hour by gamers over 30. Lucky for most gamers the Bongas were a well-rounded accessory that can be used in several of the other Donkey Kong rhythm games.

4. Resident Evil Zero: The only non-first party release to make my list. There were other cheap GameCube games but none of them stood out like this one. Originally slated for release on the N64, this oddity in the Resident Evil series was pushed back to the GameCube. An oddity? Well, most of the Resident Evil games up to now featured characters that have been in at least two other games in the series. Gamers have the opportunity to play with Rebecca Chambers and Billy Coen. Highlights of the game include two playable characters who travel together much like Resident Evil 4. Gamers could switch to either one on the fly, controlling one while the computer handled the other. Rebecca had less health and was good at mixing herbs. Bill could take damage and dish out damage. That’s an easy choice, I’ll play as Billy. There was also the ability to drop items anywhere in the game, which made back tracking an overused redundancy. If nothing else, think of the game as the prequel to the adventure in the Mansion and since it’s a Resident Evil game it has to be good. 200 points is a steal for a GameCube treasure like this.

5. Pikmin: This is an odd game. It’s a real time strategy game featuring little plant like sprouts that live in houses that look like Onions. Olimar, the central character, has to enlist the Pikmin to help him collect the parts he needs, and to repair his ship. The game does have a time restraint that might frustrate gamers who, like myself, enjoyed doing all sorts of cruel and un-natural things to the Pikmin. The Pikmin come in blue, yellow, and red. Each of the Pikmin has their own strengths and weaknesses. The game itself isn’t overly difficult due to the “E” rating but it is fun. The game was received very well by critics and spawned a sequel and a remake on the Wii. Pikmin is one of those unique games like DK: Jungle Beat that showed what the GameCube is capable of. At 150 Goozex points, at least give it a try.