August 29, 2009

Introducing "Beat the Blogger"

Beat the Blogger is a chance for new Goozex members, and existing Goozex members, to win tokens. Goozers will compete against jimmy james 70 (yours truly) on the Xbox 360. The games will change from time to time, but this week we are playing Madden NFL 10. Chances are, if you're the lucky contestant, you'll beat me. I haven't won an online match yet…

You have to be a member of Goozex to participate. If you're not already a Goozer, then membership is free and you'll receive a token upon signing up. You can sign up here.

If you beat me at Madden, then you'll win five tokens.

To enter and win the contest, be the first person to leave a comment and answer a simple Goozex Report trivia question. This week's trivia question is, "In Shawn's review of Batman: Arkham Asylum, did he like or dislike the game?" In your comment, please leave your Goozex user name and your Xbox 360 Gamertag, then send me a friend request (I'm jimmy james 70).

The winner will play me on Saturday, August 29 at 2:00 PM PST.

We're going to play 5 min qtrs, All-Pro level, I play as the Chargers and you play with a team of your choice. If you are disconnected during the game, it counts as a loss, but you will remain eligible for future contests.

Contestants that win are disqualified for future events for one year. Contestants that lose can try again next week.

That's right--I said next week--I am going to host contests once a week. Every Saturday morning I will post the trivia question and every Saturday afternoon we'll play.

Happy Gaming, Goozers. I look forward to seeing you on the grid iron.