August 22, 2009

Is Selling DVDs Worthwhile on Goozex?

JimmyJames70 Says I figured it's about time I looked into the DVD trading feature of Goozex, since after all, it's a new feature and I've got several old DVDs laying around collecting dust.
Before I made them ready and active to sell, I did some math to make sure selling these old movies would make sense. Here's a breakdown of what I'm offering and what they are currently worth on Goozex:

Adding it up, that's 450 points for 4 movies.

For sake of comparison, you can purchase 400 points for $20.

Shipping 4 DVDs would cost approximately $14, given that each shipment would cost around $3.50 (of course, that doesn't include the cost of the bubble envelope and the time it takes to print a mailing label and dropping it off in the mail box). If you wanted to get really technical, then it might cost you around $16 to $17 to mail the DVDs. Even with that factored in, you're still getting more than $20 worth of points while spending less than $18.

Doing the math that way, yeah, you're saving money by selling old DVDs instead of purchasing new points. And plus, your clearing your shelf of DVDs you no longer watch.

If you think 100 points is too cheap to sell your movies for, you could always hold out and see if supply-and-demand kicks in and raises the value of the DVD. However, that's probably unlikely for older titles. It looks like the majority of DVDs, that aren't complete collections of a series, will probably stay at the 100 point value. Of course, that's pure speculation on my part. I could be wrong. But then again, I don't foresee a huge spike in demand for Goldmember anytime soon.