August 11, 2009

NCAA Football 10 - Review

Blake Grundman Says: In many ways, the College Football 10 franchise has been viewed as the redheaded stepchild of the sports gaming world. It is unknown where this impression was first derived, but it is a common knowledge that each year’s college football game is based off of the Madden engine from the year prior. Fortunately, Madden 09 was by far the strongest installment ever to be released, and that has trickled down to their amateur counterparts.

Virtually anything that makes College Football great makes an appearance in the 2010 entry. Everything from the deafening roar of the crowd, to the late game chaos of the huddle, is recreated with the greatest care, resulting in the most comprehensive and authentic experience possible.

There is nothing that is more awesome than running into the end zone, only to hear the deafening blare of your school’s fight song invade your eardrums. Over the course of every game, the ebb and flow of the crowd has a direct influence over the action on the field. As the crowd builds with excitement, the home team can gain in confidence, building on their turbo abilities, while the visitors will have their plays scrambled in the frantic bedlam taking place. The manic energy of the fans is really what makes this game stand out above all others.

Another new addition to the game is the “Road to Glory” mode. Much like the “Road to the Show” mode in MLB 09: The Show, College Football 10 allows you to create your own scholar athlete and guide them from the High School State Championships, all the way through their senior year in college. Over the course of a career you get to plan practice sessions, choose how to spend free time on campus, and plot your climb to the top of the Heisman heap. This can be both entertaining and immersive, as long as you can deal with losing often, early in your career. Either way, this is an outstanding new take on a familiar concept, that brings several new ideas to the table.

If you are looking for a fast paced football game that will be bound to keep both the action and excitement high, give College Football 10 a try. You might be pleasantly surprised at what you find.