August 7, 2009

Goozex to Launch DVD and Blu-Ray Trading and an Improved Goozex Exchange

Erik Kubik Says Goozex is adding Blu-Ray and DVD trading this summer to their already successful game-trading service. The new feature launches the week of August the 10th and will run as a beta for 8 to 12 weeks. These additional trading opportunities have generated an enormous amount of positive feedback from Goozex members.

This is what we know so far--like games, each DVD and Blu-Ray will be assigned point values and will require a trade token. The trade tokens and points you receive from trading DVDs and Blu-Rays can be used to receive games, and vice versa. There will not be separate queues for games and DVDs. The movies will appear in your “Requests” and “Haves” lists side-by-side with your games. The options for listing what you have and what you want will be like the games with several options. Although it won’t be the focus of the new trading, HD-DVDs will be included.

Goozex has kept a tight lid on the point requirements for movies, so the biggest question on everyone’s mind is, “How many points will ‘X’ be worth?” Other questions include, will the Goozex Guarantee stand behind the movies like it does the games? Is there going to be a point difference for Widescreen vs. Fullscreen?

Goozex Exchange
Another anticipated change coming to Goozex is the revamping of the Goozex Exchange. The Goozex Exchange is a service that allows users to trade their Goozex points for new games from The old system was limited by the amount of games Goozex was offering through Amazon and the time frame in which the sale ran. Due to these restrictions, many members felt alienated from this opportunity to purchase their games.

Limited quantities and small sale windows are things of the past! With these promising changes, the Goozex Exchange is now set to run all year long. It will include both movies and games. Users can buy games and movies with their points or use a combination of points and cash to purchase their goods. The new system should be in place in September. The two new features should increase the usability of Goozex while boosting the user base, and increasing the amount of goods and points in the system. Hats off to Goozex for listening to its users and moving forward with new ideas!

For more information, check the Goozex forums for DVDs and Blu-Rays and The Goozex Exchange.