October 7, 2009

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising

JimmyJames70 Says Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising is one of those games that completely flew under the radar for me. Then I noticed it got prominent placement on the 360 dashboard. I wanted to view the trailer, but it's such a confusing menu, I still haven't figured out how to see it. But I want to.

The next thing that grabbed my attention for Dragon Rising is that it's getting pretty decent scores on Metacritic. The first few reviews that trickled in scored it in the low 80's. More recently, there are a couple of 70’s, which has knocked the average down to 78. But for a game with little to no fanfare, that ain’t too shabby.

I was intrigued enough (having never played any previous editions of the game) and put Operation Rising on my Goozex Request list within a few minutes of it becoming available. I landed at number 25 in the queue.

Today, while installing Office 2007 on my new laptop, I checked Twitter and saw MajorNelson tweeted on this particular game. He wasn't exactly flattering when he said he would have to go through the tutorial a second time, and this time he would focus. That, to me, sounds like the game has a steep learning curve and requires some brain cells. I moved the Dragon into my On Hold list.

My prediction is that in three months, this game will be valued under 700 points. Yep, it's gonna drop quick in points. If you nab it now, then sell it back quick or you might face a loss.

My plan right now is to finish up with GRAW 2, which is a good-to-great game, while waiting for the Holy Grail that is Modern Warfare 2; and when I finish that campaign and grow weary from from the MP, I’ll double check on the Dragon. I’m guessing it will be in the bargain bin ready for easy plucking.