October 2, 2009

The Goozex Exchange is Approaching.

Erik Kubik Says It came from beyond the grave! After a few weeks and some setbacks, we have new information obtained secretly from our mole about the Goozex Exchange. It is happening again this Friday, October 2nd 2009 (that’s today). The idea behind the Goozex Exchange is to provide a wonderful opportunity for Goozex members to receive newly released DVDs and Video Games in exchange for their points. This adds value to the Goozex Experience beyond trading games and movies. The G-Team is hoping the Goozex Exchange is as successful as the last one and becomes a long running regular monthly feature.

There are a few new restrictions, taken from the official thread on the Goozex forums. Members can only purchase 1 copy of a product. They can only make one purchase per month (so everyone has a chance). Finally, Goozers must have a minimum feedback of 100 to participate, or 5 trades completed as a seller in the last 60 days with all positive feedback.

The rules are designed to prevent people from exploiting the system. The games and movies in the Goozex Exchange were not listed until today. I’m guessing that today they will mention the time the Goozex Exchange starts as well. In addition, the cost of the games and movies is still up in the air. Although based on the last sale I would imagine games will be around 1400-1600 points and movies might be 200-300 points?

Here are my concerns based on the last time the Goozex Exchange took place. Number 1: not having enough of the product; games like Street Fighter 4 on the Xbox 360 sold out quickly, leaving those who showed up late, such as myself, the leftovers. Number 2: the time the sale ran. In March, the sale started at 12pm PST. Ideally, this was a good time for some members of the site who don’t work regular work schedules, are in college, or have long lunch breaks. For everyone else, the starting time was terrible and many users missed out on the opportunity to obtain the games they wanted. My third and most important concern is, can the web site handle the traffic load? Community members saw Goozex.com stagger with the addition of DVD trading during the first week of its launch. Too many people with too much stuff going on forced the site to an almost stand still.

Let’s see what today brings.