September 19, 2008

Welcome Quadville!

The Goozex Report is a relatively new blog, but it’s gaining readers fast, thanks in large parts to networking. Quadville is a family blog that my wife found and we read it on a regular basis. They were kind enough to list TGR on their blog, and so I wanted to say Hello, and let the Quadville readers know what this blog is all about.

TGR is probably not the typical blog found on family blogs, but it probably should be. I don’t know the exact numbers, but I’d say a fair majority of kids are playing video games these days. There are probably a fair number of Dads (and Moms) who play video games as well. I'm a parent of twins, I grew up playing video games, and I turned out to be a responsible, contributing member of society (at least most of the time). I figure at some point my kids will start playing games as well. So, video games are not evil, they are just expensive. And that’s where Goozex comes in.

Goozex is a game trading community that allows gamers to interact and trade games with each other. Each game is assigned a point value. When you want a game, you simply make a request for it and you are placed in the queue. When you want to trade a game, you simply make an offer, and again, you are placed in the queue. Games are traded for points. To earn points you can purchase them or you can trade games you currently own. When you first start, you might want to purchase points, but after you trade for a while, you’ll find you have plenty of points and no longer have to purchase them.

The Goozex Report provides recommendations on when to purchase, when to trade, and when to offer games. We also post game reviews as well. In short, if it has to do with Goozex and video games, we’ll post it.

I hope you enjoy reading TGR and we look forward to hearing from you.