September 28, 2008

Welcome Nintendo DS (and the Poll Results are In)

Here at The Goozex Report, we are mostly Xbox 360 Fanboys, as you can probably tell by the content. However, we understand there are other consoles and game machines in existence. Right now, our attention is turned to the Nintendo DS.

Friday's "Do You Buy, Rent, or Trade" post was picked up by Go Nintendo, which is the site where the majority of comments were posted. And besides one Goozex fan, and one sort-a Gamefly fan, it appears that Nintendo DS fanboys and girls all buy their games, sometimes trade with a friend, but really don't like the idea of giving up a game they own. We thinks we found a group of collectors...

A quick scan at Amazon shows that Nintendo DS games range in cost from $35 to $15. The thing to remember is that trading costs far, far less than any other option... Just something to think about.

While 18 of you voted, a couple hundred of you (hey, it was a slow weekend at TGR) decided to looky-loo and not participate. As they always say: there's a first time and a last time for everything; and sometimes the first time and the last time occur at the same time. You might say this was the first and last poll that TGR will host...

Without any further ado, let's get to the results of the poll. We were a bit surprised that Buying Games edged out Trading Games as the winner (66% said they do a little of each). You might have thought that Trading Games would have been the clear cut winner. The truth is, the majority of readers of TGR come from N4G, so we have a very diverse audience that is not truly dedicated to trading games.