December 7, 2009

Rogue Warrior | First Impression

Erik Kubik Says I’m crying as I write this. They are not tears of happiness nor tears of sadness. I’m crying tears of rage. I don’t think in my time as a gamer I have played a more unpolished POS FPS game such as Rogue Warrior. Before I got the game, I literally knew nothing about it except that it is based on the true events of Richard Marcinko, a veteran Navy Seal. It is published by Bethseda, which led me to believe as I scanned the manual that the game would be of the highest quality and not some shovel ware better left to the PS2.

The first few hours of game play were torture. The graphics are so bad they look very last gen. The plot is sort of there, I’m chasing after terrorists? The enemy A.I. is terrible: half the time they get stuck in walls. I can run around and perform “kill” attacks, which are supposed to be stealthy instant melee kills even after I’ve entered the room with guns blazing. I can also empty an entire clip into an enemy and they are still standing. It must be the super secret body armor they are wearing. Although after dying several times in a 10-minute period I can see Richard does not have access to this armor, which is probably why he swears more than I do.

The game sort of reminded me the ps2/Xbox game “Black.” Except that Black had decent graphics for the time, a diverse weapon selection, and interesting levels containing tons of big explosions. I do seem to be getting a lot of trophies, but if the single player is this bad, that probably means the multiplayer is going to hit a new low.

Stay tuned for the full review very soon.