December 30, 2009

Case Closed

Cole Burton Says Case Closed has and always will be my favorite anime. It ran on Adult swim for a short time from 2004 to January of 2005. In Japan, it is known as Detective Conan. It is known as Case Closed in America instead of Detective Conan because of "unspecified legal considerations" of the name Detective Conan.

The anime adaptation has been well received, ranking in the top twenty in Animage’s polls between 1996 until 2000 when it dropped below the top twenty. In the Japanese TV anime ranking, Case Closed often ranked in the top six.

In Japan, there are 13 movies with a 14th in production, 561 episodes, and 9 OVA’s with no end in sight. In America, there are 3 movies with 3 more coming out in the next 2 months, 130 episodes, and 0 OVA’s. It is unknown if the series will continue much longer in America.

The series is about a 17-year-old detective named Jimmy Kudo. He and his childhood friend Rachel go on a date to an amusement park called “Tropical Land” because Rachel won a karate championship. While there, Jimmy solves a murder case that takes place on a rollercoaster. Afterwards, Jimmy saw 1 of the 2 suspected men in black go to a dark alley. He leaves Rachel to investigate and he witnesses a shady deal go down. Before he can leave to report it, the second man in black sneaks up behind him and knocks him out. Rather than leave a bullet trail, they give him an experimental poison from their “Wonderful organization.” It was meant to kill Jimmy, but, instead it shrinks his body to the size of a child while leaving his mind intact. Later that night, Rachel discovers Jimmy in his house. He invents the name Conan Edogawa on the spot thanks to the books behind him. His neighbor, Dr. Agasa gets Rachel to let Conan move in with her and her father for a while, claiming that his house isn’t the best place for a child, due to the dangerous experiments. The plan is for Conan to help Rachel’s father solve cases to bring him closer to finding the men in Black, and thus, getting an antidote.

There are many brilliant cases with amazing twists, later in the series, The creator of the poison is captured by the men in black and she takes the poison, expecting to die. However, she too shrinks and later finds Jimmy. They team up to take down the Black Organization along with three other young grade school students who are completely clueless about everything. All they know is that they want to solve mysteries as “The Junior Detective League.”

This is hands-down my favorite anime. I hope that I have convinced you guys to watch at least some of the episodes. I have nearly every dvd, but, you can just as easily watch almost every episode on the Internet, including YouTube.