December 19, 2009

Reflections on 2009

Mike Rohde Says Faithful members of Goozex, who don't always have the opportunity to rush out and buy new titles on release date, have to rely on trading with other Goozers to play the latest and greatest. So, when November rolls around and all the future classics start hitting the store shelves, the Goozex faithful might not play those titles until the following year. They might have to wait an extra month or two, but who cares, they still get to play the same great titles, and save a boatload of money in the meantime.

I added up all the titles I got through Goozex in 2009, multiplied that by $60, and realized that I saved approximately $2000! And I think I'm considered a fairly light trader. I'm sure there are Goozers out there who saved much, much more. My point is, I'll gladly wait a month or two if it means saving some bucks.

Due to the Goozex-wait factor, that means when it comes time for The Goozex Report's Game of the Year awards, you might see some titles from the previous year, which is all fine and good. That's also how CoD4 won GotY last year, alongside Metal Gear Solid, Left 4 Dead, and Fallout 3 (each writer got to choose their own pick).

As the Executive Editor, my qualifications for a game to be nominated is based solely on one factor: how much fun did you have playing that game through the course of the year, regardless of when it was released? On Tuesday, The Goozex Report will publish the 2009 Game of the Year awards. Each writer will contribute their nominations and picks. Which games would you like to see listed? As for me, the contenders include: Halo Wars, The Godfather II, Gears of War 2, FEAR 2, 50 cent: Blood on the Sand, Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution, Dead Space, Fable II, Forza 3, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Assassin's Creed II and Modern Warfare 2.