November 18, 2009

Getting the Pit Boss Achievement

Dale Culp says: The Goozex Report's very own resident videographer, Shawn Lebert, has posted a video on YouTube showing just exactly how he aces the Pit Boss Achievement. To make matters even cooler, this is the test run of his new Hauppauge HD PVR and, hopefully, the first of many new video features we're hoping to roll out in the future.

Now, watch Shawn work it like a boss:

In the words of Cpl. Dunn, "That's how you run The Pit."
And now for some tips on how to unlock the Pit Boss Achievement from the man himself.
Shawn says:

So you want to be a Pit Boss, huh? General Shepherd's hawk-eye making you nervous? Don't expect to do the best you can within the first couple retries of the Pit in Modern Warfare 2. Sometimes, it just takes getting used to and where the enemies, separate from the civilians will show up.

I don't expect to reiterate my video technique step-by-step. Everyone has their own preference when dealing with combat. This is just a demonstration on the essentials on how to perform if you expect that achievement sound to beautifully resound into your ears after a long, stressful period of training restarts.

Use weapons that you're going to use until you get that achievement. Don't try one and get discouraged and try another. Get used to your gun chamber and grow accustomed to how many bullets you have left by getting an idea how far you can go before needing to reload it. I used the M9 and the Desert Eagle. I found that there's no need for a scope for either gun if you have auto-lock because you're going to be seeing it the same way through a scope. I can't tests milli-seconds, but it perhaps could shave off unwanted time on each aim.

At first, I was missing targets left and right because I always felt it was necessary to run as fast as possible -- and you will have to do that -- but your targets are obviously more important than getting to the next section. Control yourself and aim then go to the next one. I was persistent at first to shoot as fast as possible then go for the next one, but that builds up accidents because my feet weren't completely planted when firing. I was always thinking about what I had to shoot next. Just focus on shooting what's in front of you. Don't move around a lot when you're in an area of targets. Align yourself, settle and take them out. Of course, you will have to move within a section just to shoot other ones, but DON'T fire at targets while moving. Accuracy is a big deal.

The M9 and Desert Eagle were ideal for me in these respects.

I always consider walking up the stairs the half-way mark. Whether it is or it isn't to you, that's your preference. I make mental judgments on what times I should be at when getting up the stairs. For me, a good time to get into the first house would be roughly 10-12 seconds. Jumping off the roof, you should be at a good time around 22-23 seconds. The second half of my video may have seemed "lucky" because all my targets aligned. This isn't pure luck because the Pit training targets have only two alternative positions. Once you're able to understand which version of the Pit you have, no matter how many times you restart it, it doesn't change. If you fail getting the Pit Boss Achievement after running through the finish line, pause the game and go to LAST CHECKPOINT. Don't finish the Pit and just wait to do it again. This makes the Pit change on you with a possible target location change.

Next, always run after finishing a section. That may seem durr-durr-durr to you, but I don't know, people say reloading doesn't matter. It actually does because when you reload, your character can no longer run. He must slow down to perform the function of reloading. If you run in mid-reload, any Veteran gamer is going to know what happens next -- when you stop, he has to completely reload once more. Get used to your two guns. Get an idea on how much you have left in your gun chamber without ever having to look at how much you have left. Your focus is the Pit, not your HUD.

Lastly, get used to lining up multiple targets. The Desert Eagle is a mighty powerful gun, so I'm not surprised that it shoots through multiple ones. When you align more than one target, the less time you take to move on. Get used to that. Get used to restarting over and over with the LAST CHECKPOINT option. I can't stress that enough.

Accuracy is key and it doesn't matter if you pass the 30 seconds on your screen before finishing. If you have great accuracy, your time will be cut down due to your great, seamless firing.

Just follow those steps and make the Pit your bitch because very soon you'll be the Pit Boss and your crew will be HOOAHing. Probably even you, too.