November 9, 2009

Breaking Down the Current Values of the Call of Duty Franchise

Mike Rohde Says: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 releases in just a few short hours (at the time of this writing). Anticipation is at a fever pitch while gamers across the nation are lining up for midnight launches, Major Nelson is taking photo opportunities with fourzerotwo--and here you are--as a brand new player to the scene, you want to know what the fuss is all about. If you’re hesitant about jumping on the band wagon and don’t want to sink $60 into a game you might or might not like, then you can travel back in time and play the games that helped make CoD: MW2 into a must-have game for any fps fan. Call of Duty is a legendary franchise and is the only series that goes head-to-head with Halo in terms of taking the top spot of the most played games on Xbox Live.

This article is also for those of you who joined the CoD saga in mid-battle. If CoD4 and World at War were your introductions to the franchise, then why not go back and play CoD2 and CoD3? If you’re wondering why I’m not mentioning the original, that’s because it’s currently only available for the PC. I do understand there are plans to bring CoD Classic to the Xbox, but the only dates I can find are an undefined TBA 2009 (they have two months left to make that date…).

With that said, here’s a table with the titles, current values on Goozex, and the Metacritic score.

Now that you know the current values for the CoD franchise, it might be of interesting note to see how CoD4’s current value matches up against other highly-rated games of 2007, and that includes GTAIV, which released in April 2008!
  • CoD4 released in Nov 2007: 450
  • Halo 3 released in Sept 2007: 400
  • Grand Theft Auto IV released in April 2008: 350
  • Bioshock released in Aug 2007: 300
  • Mass Effect released in Nov 2007: 200

One last note: As of right now, the first three reviews on Metacritic is showing perfect scores for CoD: MW2.