January 18, 2010

What To Get Your Girlfriend That You Like Too | Valentine’s Day

Amy Nelson says Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and with it comes the inevitable question, "What am I going to get my girlfriend?" I know what you are thinking, "Don't worry about me, Amy. I got it covered. My girl is getting the Personal Trainer Fitness." I will pray for you when she opens this. You got just got your girl a gift that says, "I think you're fat." On Valentine's Day. May God have mercy on your soul. DO NOT, under any circumstances buy your girl this game, wii-fit, or any other item that implies fatness unless she has specifically instructed you to do so. You'll thank me later, believe me. This also goes for the new cooking games, like Personal Trainer Chef. Nothing says "I love you" like a cookbook. No, not really.

For those of you who think your girl will not appreciate a video game for Valentine's Day, don't forget to tell her that you are buying it so you can spend more time together. Hello, bonus points.

Now that you know what you shouldn't get, let's talk about what you should buy her. Guitar Hero is an excellent choice, and available on all the major platforms. Spring for an extra guitar so you can play together. There is cooperative mode, where you can work together on your tour, or competitive mode if things get a bit feisty. Put on a romantic song, pick up your guitars, and get ready to conquer the world of music--together.

For guys who want to show their significant other that they are ready to make that commitment, LittleBigPlanet may be the game for you. Show your undying love by creating an entire world together, and then nurture and care for it together. "No, honey. We don't need a baby. We have our sackboy." Aren't you sweet?

If you are looking for something a little more economical, Tetris and Dr. Mario are both great choices. Even if your girl isn't a big gamer, she will probably enjoy these puzzle games. The controls are super-simple, and at $10 per WiiWare download, they are a very thrifty choice. Tetris is also available in disc form for virtually every platform.

There are some new single-player games coming out as well, if you are looking to occupy your girl elsewhere so you can play in peace. Set to release January 19th, Bejeweled Twist is the classic puzzle game Bejeweled remade. Bejeweled is known to be highly addictive to many of the female persuasion. Beware, though, if you go this route your girl might ignore you for hours on end while she plays video games. Poetic justice? Perhaps. Romantic? Not so much.

You now have the tools before you to make your girlfriend very happy this Valentine's Day. Go to Goozex and request those games with plenty of time to spare. Believe me, if your girl is happy--you will be happy too.