January 21, 2010

Poker--Your New Online Game

Amy Nelson says With the ability to chat with other players, win real money--even at free-site tournaments--and cash in player points for items varying from teddy bears to luxury cars, Internet poker has something for everyone. Some join at the free sites but move quickly to the real money play, while others are content to play no-stakes indefinitely. For those who would not consider poker a "real" video game, look to the thousands who purchased such titles as Poker Masters, and the World Championship Poker games that feature Howard Lederer. There are poker titles available for virtually every console, including handheld versions. But why play alone, when you can join an entire community playing online?

There is such a variety of people playing online, and with the ability to chat with other players both at the tables and in forums, real relationships are formed. With such a variety of players and games, online poker has much to keep even an avid player interested. When you aren't playing poker, you can spend time becoming better at it.There are many sites that cater to the online gaming community. You can join an endless amount of sites relating to poker: everything from discussions of the latest tournaments to tips for improving your play. There are poker video sites, both free and for a fee, where you can watch other players play and pick up tips to improve your own game. Serious players may even enlist the aid of a "poker coach" to watch them play and give a play-by-play analysis of their game. Poker was once considered a very social game--whether in bars or home games--people had to get together and play. But the world of poker has changed drastically since those days. In fact, a significant amount of online players rarely, if ever, play "live" games.

There are quite a few places where you can find a good online game, but a few sites stand out, mainly due to their popularity and size. Pokerstars comes immediately to mind, as they had such a large ad presence when televised poker championships first became popular. They are followed closely in popularity by FullTiltPoker, Ultimate Bet, and Absolute Poker . Each of these has an option to play for free, and some free tournaments even come with the possibility of winning real money. These sites are also world-wide, which means you can play Hold-em with an Aussie, Omaha with a Brit, or 7-card stud with a Swede.

Online poker is fun, free, and easy to learn. If you are enjoying your online games, but looking for a bit of change, why not give poker a try?