February 25, 2009

Real Thoughts From a Real Gamer on Fallout 3

Kube00 Says: This isn’t so much a review but rather a look at Fallout 3. I picked this up in October thinking it was going to be amazing. I loved Fallout 1, 2, and Tactics on the PC. They were classic games that moved away from the traditional RPGs and focused on darker topics.

In the early Fall, I saw some Fallout 3 videos, and although it was an FPS-RPG, I decided to give it a shot; besides, it’s a wasteland meets sci-fi: a welcome change from the magic and swords RPGs. My younger college-bound brother was getting it for the PC and assured me that if he was going to like it then I would too (as a side note, for some odd reason I could not get into Oblivion, but I think that was directly related to me not being able to get into any of the Elder scrolls games).

After playing about 10 hours I decided Fallout 3 was not for me. Don’t get me wrong, the ideas were great and the graphics were even better. So what turned me off? Was it the bugs? Was it the perks and abilities? Was it the inventory? Was it the FPS feel with turn-based combat? Was it the giant super mutants or the voice acting?

It wasn’t really any of those. I just missed the top down feel of Fallout 2 with its HEX-style layout. Although Fallout 2 might have been buggier than Saints Row, had bland graphics, and over-the-top NPCs, it was the story melding and the sweet weapons that made the game for me. I can honestly say I have beaten it at least three times. Furthermore, I missed Bioware’s touch. Bioware has made so many of my favorite games, from Baldur’s Gate to Fallout 2, all of which have been amazing. I felt like Bethesda had done a decent job, but I felt Fallout 3 was lacking. Maybe it was too much of a “game” for me. Also, when I started Fallout 3, I was working a lot and really into World of Warcraft. Since October I’ve been laid off, found another job, and quit WoW like a bad smoking habit.

I think I’m ready to give Fallout 3 another shot for several reasons: I need another lengthy game to play, Saints Row 2 is becoming boring, and after watching Mad Max this last weekend I’m totally ready to jump back in the wasteland. After seeing my brother playing it this last weekend, and seeing what he got to do, some of the end game weapons, and what some of the perks can do, I felt a little bit of remorse for pushing aside this great game so fast. Of course, he’s beaten it three times and says going evil is the way to go. Well, Fallout 3 here’s to you: I am ready to give you another shot! It’s available on Goozex for 1000 points and the line is long, so I think I’m going to try to pick up a copy someplace else.