January 12, 2009

Stretch Your Goozex Points with a Few Cheap Titles

Kube00 Says: The economy’s downs are affecting all of us in some way or another and we still need fresh and cheap entertainment. Here is a look at some 100 points games on Goozex, which are worth picking up, even if your only reason is to spend some of your excess points. I’ve owned all these games at one time or another and what can I say? They are well worth 100 points or more.

The Chronicles of Riddick, Escape from Butcher Bay for the Xbox: If you like the movie Pitch Black or Chronicles of Riddick, than this game is for you. Nah, scratch that, I was not a fan of the movies and I still liked the games anyway. Personally, I think it is a decent FPS game that has some deeper, overlooked elements, such as stealth, fun face-bashing melee combat, Vin Diesel’s reputable voice acting, and a decent story line that keeps most gamers hooked. It’s readily available on Goozex with plenty of offers.

Shenmue II: A port of the European and Japanese Dreamcast game, Shenmue II at its core is an adventure game. The Xbox version has a few changes, there is a bit of a graphical update, the ability to take screenshots anywhere, and the bonus DVD. The 3D fighting is incredible and one of my favorite parts. There is plenty of it and the combat engine is based on Virtual Fighter. The ability to unleash moves and combos never grows old. As I did, you can spend hours wandering around the city doing odd jobs, gambling, talking to random strangers, arm wrestling, and playing games in the arcade. The storytelling is a masterpiece from Yu Suzuki and sucks you into a universe that is at least 40-hours long, and for 100 points it’s a bargain, although you may have to wait a little while to get it from Goozex.

Onimusha: Warlords: A frenzied action adventure game from the makers of Resident Evil. No zombies in this game, instead, its a lone samurai battling demons in 16th century Japan. The game relies on action and all of the puzzles are quick and easy, you won’t be moving something to pick up another key or emblem for a later puzzle much like the early Resident Evil games. Nope, you just run around and slash tons of enemies in a combo-soaked blood bath. The overall length of the game falls around 20-hours and is perfect for hungry action fans. Onimusha Warlords is 100 points on Goozex and readily available with plenty of active copies.

Pick up a few of these games as the cold winter weather keeps you inside. You’ll do yourself a favor by stretching your Goozex points, and furthermore, you will be playing games you might have forgotten about in the flurry on next-gen console holiday specials.

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