November 12, 2008

Unreal Tournament III Drops in Value

Goozer Says: Some game values have recently changed. Most notable is that Unreal Tournament III has dropped from 1000 points to 950 points. A quick scan on eBay shows the best Buy Now price is $18.88. So, once again, the Goozer recommends sellers to sell and buyers to hold out. A tough paradox I know, but I’m sure it’s one you’ll manage to handle.

Ninja Gaiden II is now down to 800 points on Goozex. This one is dropping like a rock. Buyers, definitely hold out for this one or you’re risking buying high and selling back low.

Lost Odyssey also continues to drop in value. It’s down to 650 points from 750 points at the end of October. Buyers, you know what to do, put this one on the Watch List.