November 6, 2008

Alone in the Dark: Inferno Demo Review

Andrew Weymes Says—I went into the Alone in the Dark demo for the PS3 thinking I was about to play something terrible based on all of the bad things I've read and heard about the Xbox 360 version of Alone in the Dark. After my first play through, I felt that my original thoughts were right. I didn't really like the controls, and felt that they were sluggish. I thought the graphics were decent, but nothing amazing, especially the fire, and the character models, and I thought that the voice acting was awful.

I got to the driving portion of the demo, and I wasn't too impressed, but I didn't find it awful, either. The driving controls must have been greatly improved for the PS3 version, because I didn't find that the car handled too badly at all.

I finished the demo thinking that I would never buy this game. I then went to a forum for Alone in the Dark: Inferno to see what other people thought of the demo, and I was suprised that the majority of people thought it was good. After a few conversations on the forum, I decided to give the demo another shot. This time, I had a more enjoyable experience.

While I don't think the demo is good, I think it is decent. I think this game is probably going to be worth a play for survival horror enthusiasts, and I'll probably pick it up myself when it reaches the $29.99 price point.

The things I liked about the demo are the environments, the combine items mechanic, and the atmosphere. What I didn't like about the demo was the character facial animation, the dialogue, the clunky combat mechanics, the fire, and although I feel that the driving portion wasn't terrible, I didn't find it very enjoyable either. Overall, I don't think the demo was terrible, but I don't think it was very good, either.