November 4, 2008

Goozex Offers New Feedback System

The Goozer Says—A big part of joining a video game trading community is trust. You need a lot of trust in your fellow gamer to follow through on sending what they say they are going to send. You also need to trust that people will report back accurate and fair feedback. A gamer's feedback score reflects how reputable a trader they are. Does a trader send filthy, scratched discs and forget to send the manual; or does a trader promptly ship their games in pristine condition? There's no way to tell without a feedback system.

Until November 6, the only way to try and resolve a feedback dispute was to contact Goozex customer service. And you could consider yourself lucky if they responded in a timely manner. Luckily, I've never been victimized by a Goozex scammer. The worse that happened to me was that I got Neutral feedback from someone claiming all I sent them was the disc and manual and not the full package. In reality, I not only sent them the whole package, but it was in like-new condition. This situation didn't hurt me or any future trades, but the potential for harm is out there. That's why I was very pleased to read in yesterday's Goozex newsletter they are improving the feedback system:

From the Goozex newsletter:
Starting November 6, 2008 Goozex will introduce an improved feedback system that includes the possibility for sellers to dispute feedback, and for both parties in a transaction to find a friendly resolution to any issue.

The first major change is that neutral feedback carries a negative feedback score. Sellers will still receive the points for their games, but their feedback score will be negatively affected, and they may face further restrictions on trading.

The new dispute system will come in effect for any neutral or negative feedback given by buyers. At that point, sellers will have the option to accept the feedback (although they can still leave a message), dispute the feedback, or attempt to finding a friendly resolution with the buyer. For example, a seller that may have forgotten to ship a game manual, may offer to follow up and ship it to the buyer. A buyer may then choose to change the feedback to positive.

These changes are intended to give more control to you—our members—on the outcome of each trade. Also, they allow sellers and buyer to provide more organized information to Goozex, in case a negative trade issue needs to be escalated to our customer service. In turn, this simplifies our investigations and allows for faster resolution of problems.