March 9, 2009

The Worst of the Nintendo and Sega Consoles

Kube00 Says: Excluding handhelds, here are the two Nintendo and Sega consoles that are the worst of the bunch.

Sega, well it’s a tossup, I even thought about lumping the Saturn in the mix. There was so much good and bad about the Dreamcast, Master System, Genesis, etc. Anyway, I decided it was between the Sega CD and the Sega 32x, both ill fated add-ons to the mighty Sega Genesis. The Sega CD was supposed to provide extra storage space for game content; instead games got lame FMV scenes and better musical scores. Many of the games released for Sega CD were remakes of Genesis games. But at least the Sega CD had some decent franchise releases and some of them have become rare, such as Lunar and Popful Mail.

What about the Sega 32x? In my opinion, it was a poorly designed piece of hardware forced to sit in on top of the Genesis, plugged in through the cartridge slot. The 32x was supposed to bring better graphics (3-D) and enhanced sound. I have nightmarish memories of the Doom port, which played and sounded terrible in comparison to the SNES version. Most of the games were crummy ports that were in 2D, not 3D like everyone hyped them to be, which, along with defective hardware, contributed to poor sales numbers. By the mid 90’s, stores couldn’t give away the top-heavy, console-toppling beast that was the Sega 32x. Furthermore, there are very few 32x titles that are sought after by collectors, or that fall under the “rare” jurisdiction. The Sega 32x takes the cake as the worst Sega console ever. Thank Goodness Goozex does not deal with 32x games.

Now for Nintendo, for which I am a little biased against. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the SNES and Nintendo Handhelds. The Wii and I see eye-to-eye, but honestly, a few of Nintendo’s consoles are less then appealing. Skipping over the Virtual Boy, there is the N64 and the GameCube. Both have strengths and weaknesses. Several shared weaknesses include the chosen media format for games, the leaning toward a younger market base, and lack of 3rd party support. But the N64 at least pushed the limit with Nintendo’s IPs, Mario was in 3D, and FPS games such as Goldeneye and Perfect Dark became household names. With this in mind, the GameCube was sent to the chopping block as the worst.

Here are the reasons why the GameCube stinks. First off, using mini-DVDs as a format was a poor choice when everyone else was using DVDs, what were you thinking, it’s not any cheaper. Strike number 2 is that it offered next to nothing for online play. A broadband modem was an option, but very few games took advantage of it. The Internet was filled with potential gamers and this technology could have helped sell more consoles. The extreme lack of 3rd party support hurt the console as well. And many games were scaled back to fit on the GameCube as it lacked the horsepower of the Xbox or the PS2. The final nail in the coffin, and still one of the worst choices to make, was to focus on the younger market. Wake up Nintendo, the younger market is a minority, gamers want blood, guts, and lengthy RPGS with swearing; not common 3D platformers. To make matters worse, the GameCube couldn’t sell out the N64 and lagged far behind with 22 million consoles sold vs. the PS2’s 140 million consoles sold.