March 3, 2009

Goozex Strategies

Kube00 Says: Want to know how some Goozex members have built up tons of points without spending a lot of money? Well, you could buy new releases, play through them, and then trade them on Goozex to the eager, pining masses. Or, you could gather up your rare games and trade them on Goozex, forgoing their value on the future. Examples of this include the high-demand and super-long-wait games like Final Fantasy VII, or Intelligent Qube. Finally, you could dump your whole collection of old sports games for 100 points apiece and hope that someone in a year or so requests them. Actually, none of the above is the best strategy. Let me help you out with a few secrets of the trade from an expert.

Here’s a better and more effective way, and it doesn’t involve going to Gamestop or Game Crazy. Garage Sales, pawnshops, and thrift stores can be a gamers’ paradise. Who knows, your neighbor down the street might want to offload a few of his Playstation or Dreamcast games cheaply, and who knows, there might be a few worth flipping to Goozex. Your neighborhood thrift shop might have some disc-only PS2 games for less than $1 a piece. Keep in mind that the weather is getting warmer, and that means more garage sales are going on, and a lot of them are listed on Craigslist.

Speaking of garage sales, here’s a good tip. Check out your local Giant Nickel and Craigslist on Wednesdays before the weekend to scoop out the garage sales. Oh wait, you want to save some gas money too? Well, why not email the garage sale hosts, and politely ask them what games they have and if you can buy early. Make sure you plot your route so you know exactly where you are going, it helps to bring along a buddy to navigate. Make sure you get going before 8 am on a Sat/Sun or even a Friday so you can get there when the sales first open.

The only bad thing is you’ll have to know the general value of games, don’t just get anything, know the general point value of games so you can maximize your trip. Pass on copies of Madden 2002, instead, grab that copy of Resident Evil 2 for the Playstation and hold onto it tight. If you have an iPhone or other Internet-capable portable device bring that along as it may help you. Over the last few years I’ve found plenty of games to trade on Goozex, including several high demand titles for next to nothing. So if you are looking to score a few games, why not take a walk, car trip, or a bike around the neighborhood: you might get lucky.

Editor’s Note: When I see a game that is still high in value (over 900 points), has a long wait, and was released over three months ago, I visit eBay. I then place a maximum bid of $30 for the game that I want. If I win, I then play through it, and sell it on Goozex for a profit (granted, I get points instead of cash). This strategy has been pretty successful for me. I’ve done it with Battlefield: Bad Company, Mercs2, and Quantum of Solace.

The Goozex Report is not responsible for things you buy from Garage Sales, pawnshops, etc. Know the value before you buy. Know your spending limit.