December 16, 2008

Give the Gift of Goozex

Jimmy James 70 Says: If you’re like me, you do like the idea of giving, especially near the Holidays. But you’re probably also a little lazy and you probably have no idea what to get other people. That’s why gift cards are such a fantastical, crazy-good idea. And now you don’t have to settle for some lame mega-store gift card. You can give the gift of Goozex. How awesome is that? Pretty awesome if you ask me (are you listening Lucky Duck 21?).

Goozex Says: Goozex Launches New Electronic Gift Cards for the Holiday Season
Goozex, Inc., the leading online video game trading community, announced today the company’s release of new electronic gift cards for the Holiday season. The Goozex Gift Cards are sold exclusively on the website and are aimed for game players that may have missed out on great games released in the past year or two. With over 9,500 unique titles available on Goozex, gift card recipients have instant access to one of the largest libraries of video games in the world. The Goozex Gift Cards make an excellent last minute Holiday shopping gift for the video game enthusiast.

Video game consumers are burdened with the high price of games and many cannot budget to play every newly released title in a given year. A gamer that receives the Goozex Gift Card can catch-up and play many of the great titles they might have missed and are hard to find in local retail stores. Goozex has a great supply of these games because many video game consumers agree to trade them on versus local game stores because of the fair market trade values they will receive. For example, someone that trades Super Mario Galaxy for the Nintendo Wii will receive $35.00 worth of Goozex points versus the $10-$15 trade-in value they would otherwise receive at a local used game shop.

Goozex Gift Cards are sold in several different Goozex points and trade credit combinations. Goozex points are the virtual currency used on the game trading site and trade credits are the fees paid to receive games. The cards are given to recipients either electronically via email or can be printed. Gift card values range from $5.00 to $270.00 to satisfy the different types of gamers. To view all available gift card value options please visit the Goozex Gift Card page.

“Our members are passionate about gaming and one of the things they love to do is find and play great titles that they may have missed,” said Jonathan Dugan, co-founder of Goozex. Jonathan continued, “In some months there are three or more games released that a consumer wants, but can only afford to buy one of them. We’ve seen that once the gamer plays through that one game they’ll trade it back out on Goozex, and request the other games they missed out on. For those looking for a last minute gift idea, the Goozex Gift Cards are a great way to share that catch-up and play experience so many of our members do on a regular basis.”