August 27, 2008

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed; Buy or Trade?

LucasArts is releasing the newest game for the Star Wars franchise on September 16. The question for Goozex members is not if they are going to play the game, but if they should buy it in the store, or wait to trade for it on Goozex.

As a die-hard Star Wars fan, and one who did not rip on the last three movies in the saga (although I do prefer the first three like everyone else), I've been patiently waiting for a SW game on the Xbox 360 ever since I bought the console. My patience is about to be rewarded with The Force Unleashed.

I downloaded the demo last week and have played through it twice. I liked it better the second time through, because I was more familiar with how the game played and had an easier time controlling the force. I was a little surprised to see some game aspects that have been used in other games. For example, when a bad-dude dies, green orbs come out of them and race to you to revive your health. Having just finished playing Viking: Battle for Asgard, I was very familiar with this concept. I am also familiar with how frustrating it can be to lose out on these green orbs if they are out of reach. The second game aspect, also used in Viking as well as The Bigs, is the concept of hitting a button combination to combat the boss at the end of the level. The Bigs used this idea to make a big play, like catching a ball hit over the fence. While TFU did not come up with some original ideas, they are not bad ideas, and certainly won't stop me from buying the game.

That's right, I said "buying the game." Before you protest that TFU has no multiplayer and no coop, let me explain. The game will be huge if only for the Star Wars name. And judging by the demo, this will be a beautiful game with lots of destruction. Doing some simple math (Star Wars + Beautiful + Destruction = Success) this game will be worth 1000 points on Goozex for a long time.

This is why I'm employing my Grand Theft Auto IV theory. I ran out to buy it, finished the campaign and several side missions, and was done with it. The multiplayer made me long for CoD4. So, what did I do? I traded it on Goozex and got my 1000 points. I basically played GTA IV for $10. A good deal by any means.

This is my plan for TFU, I'm going to buy the game, and then trade it for 1000 points. I'll, for the most part, get my $$ back and be set up for several more games. A win-win situation for sure.